Welkom to the DSG-Dokter gearbox page
DSG-Dokter is a Trademark of TVS-Engineering B.V.

With a stock of 1,000 DSG gearboxes and an annual repair of around 2,000 DSG's, TVS is the world's only true DSG specialist.

TVS-Engineering is well represented outside the Netherlands by over a hundred dealers worldwide, from Singapore to Brazil.

At the moment, about twenty employees work at the HQ in Varsseveld (the Netherlands), performing repairs plus software & hardware engineering.
TVS customers are mostly business customers such as VAG dealers, ANWB, Taxi- and leasing companies as well as large national and international (tuning) organizations.

What makes TVS-Engineering unique is that is has been offering innovative next-level solutions on DSG software since 2005. TVS also specialized in less complex automatic transmissions such as the CVT (Audi) and the 09G/09K 6-speed automatic transmission, mainly seen on VAG vehicles and Volvo's.

Another specialism of TVS-engineering is the DCT transmission from Volvo/Ford/Mitsubishi/Dodge etc., which is similar to the DSG, produced by transmission manufacturer Getrag.