Which type of DSG do you have? Choose from a DSG with 6 (DSG 6) or 7 (DSG7) gears:
The DQ250 Occurs in all DSG6 from 2003-present

The DQ400 Is based on the DQ250 and is mainly used in the Golf 7 GTE (hybrid) and the Audi A3 E-tron (hybrid).
Seven gear DSG's are the most common
The lightweight DQ200 is the only DSG7 with a dry clutch. This DSG can be found in all cars with a maximum torque of 250 Nm and a maximum engine capacity of 1.6 liters, for instance the VW Golf, Polo, Passat A1/A3 and the Seat Ibiza, Leon, Skôda Fabia, Octavia, Rapid and Suberb.

The DQ500 is a heavier DSG7. It can be found in the VW Transporter 2009-present, Tiguan, Audi RS3, TT-RS and Q3.

The DL501 is the largest and heaviest DSG7. It is built in lengthwise in large Audi models with Quattro A4, A6, A7, S4, S5, RS4 and Q5.

The DQ380 and the DQ381 are smaller versions of the DQ500. They are used in the VW Golf Mk7 R/S3 since 2016/2017 (Also known as the VW Rabbit in the US and Canada and VW Caribe in Mexico).